I, I Am Kloot, I Am Not LefthandedI Am The World Trade Center, I, Ludicrous, Ibeyi, The Icarus Line, Iceage, Icebreaker International, Ice Choir, The Ice Cubes, Iced Earth, The Ice Factory, Icehouse, The Icicle Works, Icky Blossoms, IC Red, Ida, The Ides of March, Idiot Son, The Idle Jets, The Idle Race, Idles, Idlewild, Idle Words, Idol, If, I-F, Ifang Bondi, Ignition, Iglu & Hartly, The Iguanas, I Heart Death, Ihsahn, The Iinviisiibles, Ikara Colt, I Know What I Like, iLiKETRAiNS, The Illegal Eagles, Ill Nino, The Ilsleys, I Love Lucy, I Luv Wight, Imagination, Imagine Dragons, Imarhan, Ima Robot, Immense, The Imitators, Immortal, The Imogen Styles, I Monster, I Mother Earth, The Impact, Impala, The Impalas, Imperial Leisure, The Imperials, The Impossible, The Impossibles, The Impossible Gentlemen, The Impressions, The In-Betweens, Incantation, Incarceration, Incest Brothers, Incognito, The Incompetents, The Incredible Bongo Band, The Incredible String Band, The In Crowd, Incubus, In Deep, The Independents, Indian Ropeman, Indian Tea, Indigenous, Indigenous People, Indigo Girls, Indigo Moss, Indios Tabajaras, Indomitable Spirit, Industrial Scale Slaughter, The Industry, Infant Snow, Infa-Riot, Infected Mushroom, Infernäl Mäjesty, Information, In It For The Money, Ink, The Ink Spots, Inkubus Sukkubus, The Inmates, InMe, Inner Circle, Inner City, Inner City Posse, Innocent People, The Innocents, Insane Clown Posse, Inner Sense, The Inner Tubes, Inouk, Insecure Men, The Insiders, Insolence, Inspiral Carpets, Instant Coffee, Instant Erection, Instrumental, Instinct, Intastella, Intentions of an Asteroid, Inter, Interactivo, International Airport, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The International People’s Gang, The International Silver String Submarine Band, The International Submarine Band, The Internet, Interpol, Interstellar Overcoat, Inti-Illimani, In Trance 95, The Intruders, The Inverbervie Ceilidh Quintette, The Invisible, Invisible Vegas, INXS, Iona, IOU, The Ipanemas, Ipso Facto, IQ, I Remember Nothing, Iron & Wine, Iron Butterfly, Iron Fist, Iron Fist of the Sun, The Iron Lotus, Iron Maiden, The Iron Jelloids, Iron Virgin, The Irridescents, I Said Cape Canaveral, I Said Yes, Isis, ISIS, Islander, The Isley Brothers, Ism, Isotope, Isotope 217, Is Tropical, It Bites, It’s A Beautiful Day, It’s Alive, It’s … It’s … Don’t Go In There Frank You’ll Be Killed, It’s Immaterial, It’s Jo and Danny, Itchy Trigger Finger Niggaz, Ivan and The Terribles, The Iveys, The I V Leaguers, The Ivy League, Ivy’s Index, I Want A Hovercraft, Charles Iwegbue and His Archibogs, Izit, IZIT-U.

I (band)

I were a Norwegian black metal supergroup featuring Abbath and Armagedda from Immortal, TC King from Gorgoroth, and Ice Dale from Enslaved. They released one album, Between Two Worlds, and played one live show in 2006.

I Am Kloot

The Urban Dictionary defines “kloot” as “a clown with no feet”. Singer-songwriter John Bramwell, who has also worked as a solo artist under the name Johnny Dangerously and was a member of Five Go Off To Play Guitar, told the Guardian in 2005 why he chose the name: “I wanted something to reflect being out of step. I just liked the ‘I Am’ – I thought there’s too many ‘Thes’ floating around.” Clowns or not, the trio were nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2010 for Sky at Night.

I Am Not Lefthanded

Feisty, self-sufficient Irish indie outfit who crowdfunded their excellent first album, The Fire & The Sigh, and make their own videos and merchandise. They also have a rather good website. This is Everybody Sleeps.

I Am The World Trade Center

Synthpop duo Daniel Geller and Amy Dykes chose the name because “the two towers, equal and independent, together made up one entity and came to represent [their] relationship”. After 9/11 they changed the name to I Am The World but subsequently reverted to the original. This one is called Metro.


I, Ludicrous

South London indie duo (later trio), initially inspired by The Fall (Mark E Smith interviewed them in 1992 for NME). Their 1988 single Quite Extraordinary paid tribute to the long-running BBC TV Saturday sports show Grandstand (“quite extraordinary” was one of presenter David Coleman’s catchphrases). I, Claudius, meanwhile, is a 1934 novel by Robert Graves, written in the form of an autobiography by the eponymous Roman emperor.


“Twins” in Yorùbán (a language spoken in Nigeria, and subsequently imported into Cuba with the slave trade); they are the daughters of Cuban percussionisst Miguel “Angá” Diáz, who played with the Buena Vista Social Club. They sound like this.

The Icicle Works

Zak Starkey,  Ringo’s lad, played drums for a time with this Liverpool band, led by Ian McNabb; the name comes from The Day The Icicle Works Closed, a 1960 short story by sci-fi author Frederik Pohl. Their UK hit Love is a Wonderful Colour exemplifies the sound of 1983. After breaking up in 1991 they are touring in the summer of 2016, more than 30 years after their first album.


Fake band created by police as part of a prostitution sting in an episode of the long-running US reality TV series COPS. But weren’t the bad guys even a tiny bit suspicious when they saw the name of the band?

The Inverbervie Ceilidh Quintette

Known colloquially as “The Inverbervies”, this fictional troupe of kilted rocking accordionists featured in Tutti Frutti, the Bafta award-winning 1987 BBC TV series starring Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson.

It's a Beautiful Day

Great name for a great 60s band from San Francisco. They featured sensational violinist David LaFlamme and singer Pattie Santos, the most beautiful hippie chick in the whole history of hippiedom. Here’s a live version of their most famous song, White Bird.


Itchy Trigger Finger Niggaz

Fictional “posse of crack dealers on death row” from this very funny scene in Justin Kerrigan’s 1999 film Human Traffic.