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Sticker sparks explosive end for punk fan’s bike

Police sealed off part of an American university after noticing a sticker on a bicycle declaring “This bike is a pipe bomb” – only to be told the message was the name of a punk rock band.

This-Bike-is-a-Pipe-Bomb-001A bomb squad was dispatched to Ohio University, Athens, from Columbus, 65 miles away, and the offending item was ripped apart with a hydraulic device while nearby streets were cordoned off.

It then emerged that the sticker was a badge of support for a band from Pensacola.

The university dean, Terry Hogan, asked fans of the band to be more discreet about declaring their affiliation.

Associated Press, Athens, 6 March 2006

What this report doesn’t mention is that the offending bicycle’s owner, a graduate student, was charged with “inducing panic” (among whom?). The charges were later dropped and he was awarded compensation for the damage to his bike.

This was not the only such incident as the folk-punk outfit found themselves on the wrong side in the US “war on terror”. A venue in Philadelphia was evacuated a week later because of another bicycle with the band’s name painted on it. More dramatically, a terminal at Memphis International Airport was evacuated after a pilot saw – yes, another bike with the band’s sticker on it, and called police.

Anyway, here are the band performing a song called The Argument.

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb broke up in 2011, although two members continued to perform in Zippers to Nowhere (named, one assumes, after this 56-second ditty by Birth Control).

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